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Types of Ebook Rights Explained

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I came across this question many times, " What is PLR?"

So, to understand what is PLR, the best way is to know what types of ebook rights there are.

I am only going to explain the three common types of ebook rights every one of us will normally encounter.

1) Resale Rights (RR) means you have the right to resell the ebook you’ve purchased and keep all the profits but your customer cannot resell it. The ebook must be sold in its original form, and it will contain a disclaimer for personal use only (PUO). The writer of the ebook can sometimes add restrictions like fixed or minimum selling prices. These are the most rigid rights of the three.

2) Master Resale Rights (MRR) means you have the right to resell the ebook you’ve purchased and keep all the profits. The difference compares to RR is that your customer can sell the content and the resell rights. You cannot alter the content of the ebook in any way, however, there is some author that allows some changes to their ebook. But I always recommend people try not to alter MRR contents. It is better to be safe than never, we do not want any lawsuit coming our way. Anyway, the content and structure of most MRR ebooks are good enough to sell on their own.

3) Private Label Rights (PLR) means you are purchasing the right to do whatever you want with the ebook. You are allowed to change the title, redesign the cover page and alter or edit contents to resell it as your unique ebook. PLR gives us the most freedom with the modifying of original content.  

Now I am sure that most of you have a better understanding of PLR and you all can certainly think of many ways to utilize the PLR materials since it is so flexible.

Personally, I love the PLR most as at the back of my mind, I can already think of ten ways to fully utilize the materials for different uses. You can read it by clicking the link here.

Till next time.

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